Hoodia Gordonii – Effective Herbal Remedy in Losing Weight

Gaining too much weight can lead to obesity. Obesity can lead some harm to your health.

Herbal Remedy Can Aid You to Lose Weight Naturally

Are you currently fighting obesity? What is the method that you are using to solve your weight problem?

Ayurveda – An Ancient Medicine System of India – For Complete Harmony of Mind, Body & Spirit

In Ayurveda everything is composed of five elements – space, air, fire, water and earth-which when combined, create the three doshas, vata (space and air), pitta (fire) and kapha (water and earth). Ayurveda urges us to delve deeper into ourselves and begin a journey of a healthy and well-balanced life. The more we nurture ourselves the more radiant we become mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Herbal Remedy For Bone Injuries – Comfrey

You can use a herbal remedy for healing bone fractures. Comfrey contains a substance that helps promote and encourage healthy growth in bones, cartilage and muscles. Find out more in this article.

Lavender Oil – Powerful Herbal Remedy From Nature

One of the safest and most versatile essential oils, lavender oil is also a very powerful herbal remedy, that is useful for many common health issues. And, as one of the safest and most versatile essential oils, lavender oil is also a very powerful herbal remedy, that is useful for many common health issues.

7 Life Changing Habits I Have Learned Through Chinese Medicine Study

I want to share with you seven of the most important habits or practices I have learned in my time as a patient and student of Chinese medicine. Hopefully they will be useful for you as well. These habits help me to be a more effective student, a better parent and partner, a generally happier person and able to do more productive work with a better attitude.

5 Reasons To Make Classical Chinese Medicine Your Medicine Of Choice

Why should you choose Chinese medicine for all your health care needs? 1. Clinical effectiveness: Chinese medicine, particularly when it is practiced in a Classically-based manner, works. In my scant year of clinical observation, I have seen miracles transpire…

Natural Healing Center – Learning Holistic Modalities

At a natural healing center, prospective candidates can participate in a variety of natural health educational programs such as colon hydrotherapy, iridology, acupressure, reflexology and other massage therapies. In addition, a natural healing center may offer courses, seminars and continuing education classes in holistic nutrition, holistic and natural healthcare, and other natural healing modalities

Herbal and Other Remedies for Gallbladder Problems

herbal and other remedies that can be used to treat an inflamed gallbladder. An inflamed gallbladder is an extremely painful condition. It can cause abdominal pain and discomfort just under the ribs on the right hand side and sometimes into the upper central part of the abdomen. Food intolerances have been found to be related to inflammation of the gallbladder and the diet needs to be carefully examined.

Lose Weight and Gain Better Health with Herbal Remedy

Obesity is one of the major problems that a lot of people are suffering right now. The numbers of obese or overweight is even increasing every now and then.

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